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2013Antisense transcripts enhanced by camptothecin at divergent CpG-island promoters associated with bursts of topoisomerase I-DNA cleavage complex and R-loop formationMarinello, J.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bueno, S.; Manzo , S. G.; Capranico, G.
2013Microarray gene expression profiling of neural tissues in bovine spastic paresisPariset, L.; Gruber Cem; Bongiorni, S.; Bueno, S.; Gruber Ce; Prosperini, G.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bicorgna, S.; Gentile, A.; Valentini, Alessio 
2015Parallelization as methodological approach to improve metagenomics analysis through QIIME pipelinePietrucci, D.; Gruber Cem; Retico, F.; Bueno, S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Valentini, A.; Desideri, A.
2016Skeletal muscle transcriptional profiles in two Italian beef breeds, Chianina and Maremmana, reveal breed specific variationBongiorni, S.; Ferr, F.; Gruber Ce; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bueno, S.; Failla, S.; Moioli, B.; Ferrè, F.; Valentini, Alessio ; Gruber, C. E. M.
2016Transcriptomic investigation of meat tenderness in two Italian cattle breedsBongiorni, S.; Gruber Ce; Bueno, S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Ferr, F.; Failla, S.; Moioli, B.; Valentini, Alessio ; Gruber, C. E. M.