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2013Development of a prototype of hazelnut harvester suitable for orchards in sloped areasMonarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, M.; Colantoni, A.; Menghini, G.; Bessone, W.; Lingero, E.; Bedini, R.
2016Evaluation of safety aspects for a small-scale machine for nuts harvestingMonarca, D.; Cecchini, M.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Bedini, R.; Longo, L.; Bessone, W.; Caruso, L.; Schillaci, G.
2017Identication of Optimal Mechanization Processes for Harvesting Hazelnuts Based on Geospatial Technologies in Sicily (Southern Italy)Zambon, I.; Delfanti, L.; Marucci, A.; Bedini, R.; Bessone, W.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Monarca, D.
2017Identification of optimal mechanization processes for harvesting hazelnuts based on geospatial technologies in sicily (Southern Italy)Zambon; Email Author, I.; Delfanti; Email Author, L.; Marucci, Alvaro ; Bedini, R.; Bessone, W.; Cecchini, M.; Monarca, D.