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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Acid proteases immobilized on two different solid supportsLiburdi, K.; Benucci, I.; Esti, Marco 
2017Application of enzyme preparations for extraction of berry skin phenolics in withered winegrapesBenucci, I.; Esti, Marco ; Rolle, L.; Segade Sr; Ro Segade, S.; Cerreti, M.; Giacosa, S.; Paissoni Ma; Liburdi, Katia ; Bautista-ortn Ab; Gmez-plaza, E.; Gerbi, V.
2016Assessing the Potential Content of Ethyl Carbamate in White, Red, and Ros Wines as a Key Factor for Pursuing Urea Degradation by Purified Acid UreaseCerreti; Moresi; Cerreti, M.; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Benucci, I.; Liburdi, Katia ; Tamborra, P.; Moresi, M.; M.; Benucci; I.; Liburdi; K.; Tamborra; P.
2011Bromelain From Pineapple Stem In Alcoholic-Acidic Buffers For Wine ApplicationBenucci, I.; Liburdi, K.; Garzillo, A. M. V.; Esti, Marco 
2015Bromelain immobilization on microbial and animal source chitosan films, plasticized with glycerol, for application in wine-like mediumZappino, M.; Cacciotti, I.; Benucci, I.; Nanni, F.; Liburdi, Katia ; Valentini, F.; Esti, Marco 
2016Characterization of Active Dry Wine Yeast During Starter Culture (Pied de Cuve) Preparation for Sparkling Wine ProductionBenucci, I.; Liburdi, Katia ; Cerreti, M.; Esti, Marco 
2016Chitosan beads from microbial and animal sources as enzyme supports for wine applicationBenucci, I.; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Liburdi, Katia ; Nanni, F.; Esti, Marco ; Cacciotti; I.; Nanni
2018Chitosan/clay nanocomposite films as supports for enzyme immobilization: An innovative green approach for winemaking applications.Benucci, I.; Liburdi, K.; Cacciotti, I.; Lombardelli, C.; Zappino, M.; Nanni, F.; Esti, Marco 
2017Effect of bug damage and mold contamination on fatty acids and sterols of hazelnut oilMemoli, A.; Albanese, D.; Esti, Marco ; Lombardelli, C.; Crescitelli, A.; Di Matteo, M.; Benucci, I.
2014Effect of free and immobilised stem bromelain on protein haze in white wineBenucci, I.; Esti, Marco ; Liburdi, Katia 
2016The effect of pectinase and protease treatment on turbidity and on haze active molecules in pomegranate juiceCerreti, M.; Liburdi, Katia ; Benucci, I.; Esti, Marco 
2011Effect of wine inhibitors on free pineapple stem bromelain activity in a model wine systemEsti, Marco ; Benucci, I.; Liburdi, K.; Garzillo, A. M. V.
2015Effect of wine inhibitors on the proteolytic activity of papain from Carica papaya L. latexBenucci, I.; Esti, Marco ; Liburdi, Katia 
2012Effect of wine inhibitors on two different cysteine proteasesBenucci, I.; Esti, Marco ; Liburdi, K.; Corsi; Garzillo Amv
2015Evolution of S-cysteinylated and S-glutathionylated thiol precursors during grape ripening of Vitis vinifera L. cvs Grechetto, Malvasia del Lazio and Sauvignon BlancCerreti, M.; Esti, Marco ; Benucci, I.; Liburdi, K.; De Simone, C.; Ferranti, P.
2015Evolution of Scysteinylated and Sglutathionylated thiol precursors during grape ripening of Vitis vinifera L. cvs Grechetto, Malvasia del Lazio and Sauvignon BlancCerreti, M.; Esti, M.; Benucci, I.; Liburdi, Katia ; Simone, C.; Ferrante, P.
2013FOOD PRODUCT PREPARATION METHODCammaroto, A.; Di Principe, A.; Rotunno, C.; Esti, M.; Liburdi, Katia ; Benucci, I.
2014HPLC-DADMS/MS characterization of phenolic compounds in white wine stored without added sulfitePati, S.; Crupi, P.; Benucci, I.; Antonacci, D.; Di Luccia, A.; Esti, Marco 
2012Hydrolytic and lytic activity of hen egg white lysozyme in model wineEsti, Marco ; Liburdi, K.; Benucci, I.; Palumbo; Garzillo Amv
2017Identification and characterization of Lipoxygenase in Fresh Culinary HerbsLiburdi, Katia ; Benucci, I.; Lombardelli, C.; Esti, Marco