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2010Biodiversitat de plecòpters i efemeròpters al Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant MauriciPuig, Maria Ángels; Amore, Valentina; Ubero-Pascal, Nicolás; Fochetti, Romolo
2011Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Hemocyanins in Dinocras cephalotes and Perla marginata (Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo; Amore, Valentina; Ubero-Pascal, Nicolás; Egidi, Maria Giulia; Timperio, Anna Maria
2009Do all stoneflies nymphs have respiratory proteins? Further data on the presence of hemocyanin in the larval stages of plecoptera speciesAmore, Valentina; Belardinelli, Maria Cristina; Guerra, Laura; Buonocore, Francesco; Fausto, Anna Maria; Fochetti, Romolo
2011Lack of Hemocyanin in Oriental Plecoptera and Multifuncionality of the Protein in LarvaeFochetti, Romolo; Amore, Valentina; Gaetani, Brunella
15-Mar-2010Molecular approach to the study of hemocyanin in stoneflies (Plecoptera): a biologic and phylogenetic interpretationAmore, Valentina
2011New data on the presence of hemocyanin in Plecoptera: recomposing a puzzleAmore, Valentina; Gaetani, Brunella; Puig, Maria Ángels; Fochetti, Romolo
2009Present knowledge on the presence of hemocyanin in stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo; Amore, Valentina