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2013Biogeographical patterns and determinants of invasion by forest pathogens in EuropeSantini, A.; Gaitniekis, T.; Hantula, J.; Holdenrieder, O.; Jankovsky, L.; Jung, T.; Jurc, D.; Kirisits, T.; Kunca, A.; Lygis, V.; Malecka, M.; Ghelardini, L.; Marcais, B.; Schmitz, S.; Schumacher, J.; Solheim, H.; Solla, A.; Szabo, I.; Tsopelas, P.; Vannini, Andrea ; Am Vettraino; Woodward, S.; De Pace, C.; J.; Stenlid, J.; Ml Desprez-loustau; Capretti, P.; Chandelier, A.; Cech, T.; Chira, D.; Diamandis, S.
2013Occurrence of Phytophthora cinnamomi in cork oak forests in ItalyScanu, B.; Bt Linaldeddu; Franceschini, A.; Anselmi, N.; Vannini, Andrea ; Am Vettraino; Linaleddu, B. T.; Vettraino, Anna Maria 
2013Pyrosequencing of environmental soil samples reveals biodiversity of the Phytophthora resident community in chestnut forestsVannini, Andrea ; Bruni, N.; Tomassini, A.; Franceschini, S.; Am Vettraino; Vettraino, Anna Maria