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2022Autonomous Vehicles Management in Agriculture with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Obstacle AvoidanceMonarca, Danilo ; Rossi, Pierluigi; Alemanno, Riccardo; Cossio, Filippo; Nepa, Paolo; Motroni, Andrea; Gabbrielli, Roberto; Pirozzi, Marco; Console, Carla; Cecchini, Massimo 
2022Soil Compaction in Harvesting Operations of Phalaris arundinacea LBianchini, Leonardo; Alemanno, Riccardo; Di Stefano, Valerio ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Colantoni, Andrea 
2021Urbanization and long-term forest dynamics in a metropolitan region of southern europe (1936–2018)BIANCHINI, LEONARDO ; Marucci, Alvaro ; Sateriano, Adele; Di Stefano, Valerio; Alemanno, Riccardo; Colantoni, Andrea