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2013Adequate S supply protects barley plants from adverse effects of salinity stress by increasing thiol contentsAstolfi, Stefania ; Zuchi, S.
2012Changes in growth irradiance are reflected on H+ATPase activity of plasma membrane enriched vesicles from maize (Zea mays L.) rootsZuchi, S.; Astolfi, Stefania 
2012High S supply improves Fe accumulation in durum wheat plants grown under Fe limitationZuchi, S.; Cesco, S.; Astolfi, Stefania 
2014A metabolomics based approach to study the interaction between sulfur and iron nutrition in tomato rootsZuchi, S.; Watanabe, M.; Celletti, S.; Paolacci Ar; Catarcione, G.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Hoefgen, R.; Astolfi Stefania
2014Nitrate induction triggers different transcriptional changes in a high and a low nitrogen use efficiency maize inbred lineZamboni, A.; Astolfi, Stefania ; Zuchi, S.; Pii, Y.; Guardini, K.; Tononi, P.; Varanini, Z.
2012Response of barley plants to Fe deficiency and Cd contamination as affected by S starvationAstolfi, Stefania ; Zuchi, S.; Neumann, G.; Cesco, S.; Sanit Di Toppi, L.; Pinton, R.
2015The interplay between sulfur and iron nutrition in tomatoZuchi, S.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Hoefgen, R.; Astolfi, Stefania ; Hubberten, H.M.; Watanabe, M.; Bromke, M.; Osorio, S.; Fernie, A. R.; Celletti, S.; Paolacci, Anna Rita; Catarcione, G.; 12