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2001Development of a time-domain tomographic system for optical imagingLepore, M.; Urso, G.; Esposito, R.; Bottalico, L.; Esposito, M.; Falco, M. D.; Delfino, Ines ; Indovina, P. L.
1998Optical mammography by time-resolved laser transilluminationIndovina, P. L.; Delfino, Ines ; Falco, D.; Lauria, A.; Lepore, M.; Ramaglia, A.; Scampoli, P.; Urso, G.; Vigilante, F.
1998Systematic investigation of time-resolved transmittance technique for optical characterization of scattering mediaLepore, M.; Delfino, Ines ; Falco, D.; Ramaglia, A.; Urso, G.; Vigilante, F.; Indovina, P. L.