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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Effect of filler morphology on the electrical and thermal conductivity of pp/carbon-based nanocompositesZaccone, Marta; Frache, Alberto; Torre, Luigi; Armentano, Ilaria ; Monti, Marco
2018Effect of gallic acid and umbelliferone on thermal, mechanical, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of poly (vinyl alcohol-co-ethylene) filmsLuzi, Francesca; Puglia, Debora; Dominici, Franco; Fortunati, Elena; Giovanale, Geremia; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano ; Torre, Luigi
2020Effect of injection molding conditions on crystalline structure and electrical resistivity of PP/MWCNT nanocompositesZaccone, Marta; Armentano, Ilaria ; Cesano, Federico; Scarano, Domenica; Frache, Alberto; Torre, Luigi; Monti, Marco
2020Effect of SWCNT Content and Water Vapor Adsorption on the Electrical Properties of Cellulose Nanocrystal-Based NanohybridsDehesa, Ainhoa Angulo; Luzi, Francesca; Puglia, Debora; Lizundia, Erlantz; Armentano, Ilaria ; Torre, Luigi
2019Gallic Acid and Quercetin as Intelligent and Active Ingredients in Poly(vinyl alcohol) Films for Food PackagingLuzi, Francesca; Pannucci, Elisa; Santi, Luca ; Kenny, José Maria; Torre, Luigi; Bernini, Roberta ; Puglia, Debora
2021Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein-Enriched Extracts Obtained from Olive Oil Wastes and By-Products as Active Antioxidant Ingredients for Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)-Based FilmsLuzi, Francesca; Pannucci, Elisa; Clemente, Mariangela; Grande, Edoardo; Urciuoli, Silvia; Romani, Annalisa; Torre, Luigi; Puglia, Debora; Bernini, Roberta ; Santi, Luca 
2020Improving the flexibility and compostability of starch/poly(butylene cyclohexanedicarboxylate)-based blendsDominici, Franco; Gigli, Matteo; Armentano, Ilaria ; Genovese, Laura; Luzi, Francesca; Torre, Luigi; Munari, Andrea; Lotti, Nadia
2018Metal Nanoparticles Embedded in Cellulose Nanocrystal Based Films: Material Properties and Postuse AnalysisLizundia Erlantz; Goikuria U; Vilas JL; Cristofaro F; Bruni G; Fortunati, Elena; Armentano, Ilaria ; Visai, Livia; Torre, Luigi
2020Synergic Effect of Nanolignin and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles into Poly(l-lactide) Bionanocomposites: Material Properties, Antioxidant Activity, and Antibacterial PerformanceLizundia, Erlantz; Armentano, Ilaria ; Luzi, Francesca; Bertoglio, Federico; Restivo, Elisa; Visai, Livia; Torre, Luigi; Puglia, Debora
2022Thermal treatment of magnesium particles in polylactic acid polymer films elicits the expression of osteogenic differentiation markers and lipidome profile remodeling in human adipose stem cellsArgentati, Chiara; Dominici, Franco; MORENA, FRANCESCO; Rallini, Marco; TORTORELLA, ILARIA; Ferrandez-Montero, ANA; PELLEGRINO, ROBERTO MARIA; FERRARI, BEGONA; EMILIANI, CARLA; LIEBLICH, MARCELA; Torre, Luigi; MARTINO, SABATA; Armentano, Ilaria 
2020Unpatterned Bioactive Poly(Butylene 1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylate)-Based Film Fast Induced Neuronal-Like Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow-Mesenchymal Stem CellsMorena, Francesco; Argentati, Chiara; Soccio, Michelina; Bicchi, Ilaria; Luzi, Francesca; Torre, Luigi; Munari, Andrea; Emiliani, Carla; Gigli, Matteo; Lotti, Nadia; Armentano, Ilaria ; Martino, Sabata