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2012Making sense out of SA/JA phytohormones signalling during plant defence by proteomic and transcriptomic approachProietti, S.; Bertini, Laura ; Timperio Am; Zolla, L.; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
2015Proteomic and metabolic profiles of Cakile maritima Scop. Sea Rocket grown in the presence of cadmiumTaamalli M1; Dalessandro, A.; Marrocco, C.; Gevi, Federica ; Timperio Am; Zolla, Lello ; Taamalli, M.; D'alessandro, A.
2017Proton irradiationSaladino, Raffaele ; Timoshenko Gn; Rozanov, A.; Krasavin, E.; Timperio Am; Di Mauro, E.; Bizzarri Bm; Botta, L.; Poner, J.; Poner Je; Georgelin, T.; Jaber, M.; Rigaud, B.; Kapralov, M.
2014Systems Biology: A New Tool for Farm Animal Science. CURRENT PROTEIN & PEPTIDE SCIENCE,Hollung, K.; Timperio Am; Olivan, M.; Kemp, C.; Coto-montes, A.; Sierra, V.; Zolla, Lello 
2015Unraveling the seed endosperm proteome of the lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) utilizing 1DE and 2DE separation in conjunction with tandem mass spectrometryMoro Cf; Yonekura, M.; Fukao, Y.; Shibato, J.; Rakwal, R.; Timperio Am; Zolla, Lello ; Agrawal Gk; Shioda, S.; Kouzuma, Y.
2013Update on crosstalk between salicylic acid and jasmonate in defence signallingProietti, Silvia ; Bertini, Laura ; Timperio Am; Caporale; Caruso, C.; Caporale, C.
2013Update on crosstalk between salicylic acid and jasmonate in defence signalling: a proteomic approachProietti, S.; Bertini, L.; Timperio Am; Caporale, C.; Caruso, Carla