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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Effect of Chemical Resistance Inducers on the Control of Monosporascus Root Rot and Vine Decline of MelonAleandri, Maria Pia; Reda, Roberto; Tagliavento, Vincenzo; Magro, Paolo; Chilosi, Gabriele
2021First report of bud rot caused by Cryptosporiopsis tarraconensis on Corylus avellana in ItalyTagliavento, Vincenzo; de Santis, Federico; Ciarroni, Serena; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano ; Cristofori, Valerio ; Pradolesi, Gianfranco
29-May-2015Life of Pseudomonas syringae pv. Actinidiae in actinidia sap and its interaction with resident bacterial communityTagliavento, Vincenzo
2023Thymol-Nanoparticles as Effective Biocides against the Quarantine Pathogen Xylella fastidiosaBaldassarre, Francesca; Schiavi, Daniele; Ciarroni, Serena; Tagliavento, Vincenzo; De Stradis, Angelo; Vergaro, Viviana; Suranna, Gian Paolo; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano ; Ciccarella, Giuseppe