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2019Balkan marsh frogs Pelophylax kurtmuelleri (Gayda, 1940) introduced in the Aspromonte National Park, southern ItalyBisconti, Roberta ; Martino, G.; Chiocchio, A.; Siclari, A.; Canestrelli, Daniele 
2019Drilling down hotspots of intraspecific diversity to bring them into on-ground conservation of threatened speciesZampiglia, M.; Nascetti, G.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, Roberta ; Maiorano, L.; Aloise, G.; Siclari, A.; Pellegrino, F.; Martino, G.; Pezzarossa, A.; Chiocchio, A.
2018Forest dormouse (Dryomys nitedula) populations in southern Italy belong to a deeply divergent evolutionary lineage. Implications for taxonomy and conservationBisconti, R.; Aloise, G.; Siclari, A.; Fava, V.; Provenzano, M.; Arduino, P.; Chiocchio, A.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Canestrelli, D.
2020Radiocarbon dating of Aspromonte sessile oaks reveals the oldest dated temperate flowering tree in the worldPiovesan, Gianluca ; Baliva, M.; Calcagnile, L.; D'elia, M.; Dorado-linan, I.; Palli, J. ; Siclari, A.; Quarta, G.