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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Apr-2008A new GIS-based spatial modeling approach for desertification risk assessment in the Mediterranean Area. An Italian case study: Sardinia IslandSantini, Monia
2009Pre-processing algorithms and landslide modelling on remotely sensed DEMsSantini, Monia; Grimaldi, Salvatore; Petroselli, Andrea; Nardi, Fernando; Rulli, Maria Cristina
2008Procedura di stima dei parametri di un modello di rimozione dei pit e delle aree piane di un DEMSantini, Monia; Petroselli, Andrea; Nardi, Fernando; Grimaldi, Salvatore
2008Width-Function based Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph rainfall runoff model: relationship between Width Function, hillslope flow velocities and concentration timesNardi, Fernando; Petroselli, Andrea; Santini, Monia; Bocchiola, Daniele; Grimaldi, Salvatore