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2012Changes in morphology, cell wall composition and soluble proteome in Rhodobacter sphaeroides cells exposed to chromate. BIOMETALS, p. 1-11,Italiano; L. R.; Trotta; M.; F.; Rinalducci; S.; Agostiano; A.; Zolla, Lello ; De Leo; Ceci
2012Chianina beef tenderness investigated through integrated OmicsAlessandro, D. A.; C.; Rinalducci; S.; Mirasole; Failla; Marrocco, C.; Rinalducci, Sara ; Mirasole, C.; Failla, S.; Zolla, Lello ; D'alessandro; A.; Marrocco
2014A comparative evaluation of fluidized bed assisted drag finishing and centrifugal disk dry finishingBarletta, M.; Gisario Venettacci, A.; S.; Rubino, Gianluca 
2011Comparison among different CCHP plant configurations with energy flows optimizationBella; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Fumarola, A.; Ubertini, Stefano ; G.; Fumarola; A.; Tribioli, L.; Ubertini; S.; Bella, G.
2015Complexes of XeHXe+ with simple ligandsBorocci, Stefano ; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, Felice ; Borocci; S.; M.
2017Contrasting microsatellite diversity in the evolutionary lineages of Phytophthora lateralisAnnamaria Vettraino; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Brasier; C. M.; Webber; J. F.; Hansen; E. M.; Green; S.; Robin; Clive Brasier, M.; C.; Tomassini; A.; Bruni; N.; Vannini; Joan Webber, F.; Everett Hansen, M.; Sarah Green; Cecile Robin; Alessia Tomassini; Natalia Bruni; Vannini, Andrea 
2013Crosstalk between salicylic acid and jasmonate in Arabidopsis investigated by an integrated proteomic and transcriptomic approachProietti, Silvia ; Bertini; L.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Zolla; C.; Caruso; Timperio; A. M.; Bertini, Laura ; Zolla, Lello ; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.; Proietti; S.
2014Current systematic carbon-cycle observations and the need for implementing a policy-relevant carbon observing system". BIOGEOSCIENCES,Ciais; Rayner; P. J.; Miller; C.; Gobron; N.; Kinderman; G.; Marland; Gruber; P.; Chevallier; F.; Andres; R. J.; Balsamo; Bopp; L.; Br√鬩on; -m, F.; Broquet; Dolman; Dargaville; Battin; T. J.; Borges; Bovensmann; H.; Buchwitz; M.; Butler; J.; A. J.; Canadell; J. G.; Cook; R. B.; Defries; Engelen; Gurney; K. R.; Heinze; Heimann; Bombelli; Held; Henry; Law; B.; Luyssaert; S.; Moriyama; T.; Moulin; Myneni; A.; Nussli; Obersteiner; Ojima; D.; Pan; Y.; Paris; -d, J.; Piao; S. L.; Duren; Poulter; Plummer; Quegan; Raymond; Reichstein; Rivier; Sabine; Schimel; Tarasova; O.; R.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Wang; Van Der Werf; Wickland; Williams; Zehner; Peregon
2014Data-based perfect-deficit approach to understanding climate extremes and forest carbon assimilation capacity". ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS,Wei; Wang; Liu; H.; Krakauer; N. Y.; W.; Desai; A. R.; Montagnani; L.; S.; Tha Paw, U.; K.; Falk; M.; Black; A.; Bernhofer; Gr√鬺nwald; Laurila; Cescatti; Yi; Moors; E.; Bracho; R.; Valentini, Riccardo ; C.; Hendrey; G.; Eaton; T.; Rustic
2013A decade of plant proteomics and mass spectrometry: Translation of technical advancements to food security and safety issuesAgrawal; S.; Wang; T.; Barkla; B. J.; (. ).; Rakwal; Zolla, Lello ; G. K.; Sarkar; A.; Righetti; P. G.; Pedreschi; R.; Carpentier
2012Deep mRNA sequencing for transcriptome profiling of skeletal muscle tissuesBongiorni; S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Moioli; B.; Failla; Valentini; A.
2015Digital Innovation in the Job MarketRuggieri, Alessandro ; S.; Mosconi, Enrico Maria ; Poponi, S.; Silvestri, Cecilia ; Ruggieri; A.; Mosconi; Em Poponi
2000Dinamics of light harvesting proteins stoichiometry adjustment by light quality in chloroplastsZolla; L.; Rinalducci; S.; Timperio, Annamaria ; A. M.
2015Document Development of a multiple loci variable number of tandem repeats analysis (MLVA) to unravel the intra-pathovar structure of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae populations worldwideCiarroni; R. T. M.; Pourcel; C.; Vergnaud; G.; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano ; Mazzaglia; A.; S.; Gallipoli; L.; Taratufolo; M. C.; Butler; M. I.; Poulter
2016Does degradation from selective logging and illegal activities differently impact forest resources? A case study in GhanaVaglio Laurin, G.; Grieco, E.; Pirotti, F.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Hawthorne Wd; Chiti; T.; Di Paola, A.; Cazzolla Gatti, R.; Marconi; S.; Noce, S.
2018Does Fe accumulation in durum wheat seeds benefit from improved whole-plant sulfur nutrition?Astolfi, Stefania ; Lafiandra; D.; Cesco; Pii, Y.; Terzano, R.; Mimmo; T.; Celletti; S.; Allegretta; I.
2017EDGE2D-EIRENE simulations of the impact of poloidal flux expansion on the radiative divertor performance in JETViola; Wiesen; S.; Wischmeier; M.; Contributors; J. E. T.; B.; Calabro, G.; Jaervinen; A. E.; Lupelli; I.; Maviglia; F.
2012Effect of magnetic field on density limit in FTUTudisco; F.; Bin; W.; Boncagni; L.; Botrugno; A.; Buratti; P.; Calabr, G.; O.; Castaldo; C.; Cianfarani; Cocilovo; V.; Di Matteo; Esposito; B.; Frigione; D.; Pucella; Gabellieri; Giovannozzi; E.; Granucci; Marinucci; Marocco; Martines; Mazzitelli; Mazzotta; Nowak; G.; S.; Ramogida; Romano; Tuccillo; A. A.; Zeng; Zuin; Apruzzese; Apicella; M.; Artaserse; Belli
2011Engineering evolution of the FAST machineCucchiaro; Crescenzi; F.; Crisanti; Maddaluno; Pericoli-ridolfini; Pizzuto; Rita; C.; Ramogida; Roccella; A.; S.; Rossi; Brolatti; G.; Calabr, G.; Cocilovo; V.; Frosi; P.
2006Enhancement of Photoelectrical Properties in Polymer Nanocomposites Containing Modified Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Conducting DendrimerValentini, L.; Valentini Luca; Mengoni Francesco; Armentano, Ilaria ; Kenny Jose Maria; Russo, S.; Mengoni, F.; Ricco, L.; Alongi, J.; Trentini, M.; Mariani, A.; S.; Kenny, J.