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2019Assessment of aboveground biomass production in the Italian Apennines grazed rangelands using Sentinel 2 satellites and vegetation indicesPrimi, R.; Rossi, C. M.; Lazzari, F.; Orazi, V.; Amici, A.; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Ronchi, B.
2013Evolution of some Mediterranean landscapes of Central Italy from historical aerial photographsRipa, Maria Nicolina ; Ripa , M. N.; Fillibeck, G.; Rossi , C. M.; Ciapanna; F.; Filibeck; G.; Gobattoni; Leone; Ciapanna, F.; A.; Pelorosso; R.; Piccinno; M.; Rossi; C. M.; Recanatesi; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Gobattoni, F.; Leone, Antonio ; Pelorosso, R.; Piccinno, M.; Rossi, C. M.; Recanatesi, Fabio 
2020An innovative environmental risk assessment approach to a Mediterra- nean coastal forest: the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano (Rome) case studyRecanatesi, Fabio ; Giuliani, C.; Piccinno, M.; Cucca, B.; Rossi, C. M.; Ripa, M. N.
2014A remote sensing-based model for sustainable grassland managementPrimi, Riccardo ; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Rossi, C. M.; Ronchi; Rossi Cm; Pier Paolo Danieli, P. P.; Danieli , P. P.; Rossi , C. M.; Rossini, F.; Amici, A.; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Scoppola, Anna ; Ronchi, Bruno ; Piovesan, Gianluca 
2019Trend in land use and land cover change in Mediterranean rangelands: the case of Campo di Segni, Lepini Mountains (Central Italy)Primi, R.; Fagiolo, A.; Rossi, C. M.; Ripert, S.; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Ronchi, B.
2012What is traditional?Filibeck, Goffredo ; Ripa, M. N.; Rossi, C. M.