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2008Characterization of a Novel mutant of Prunus Spp Rootstock tolerant to floodingPistelli, L.; Iacona, C.; Tevegna, D.; Miano, D.; Tavanti, E.; Loreti, F.; Muleo, Rosario 
2019Day-Length Is Involved in Flooding Tolerance Response in Wild Type and Variant Genotypes of Rootstock Prunus cerasifera L.Iacona, I.; Pistelli, L.; Cirilli, M.; Gatti, L.; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Ripa, Mn; Muleo, R.
2006A novel Mr.S.2/5 peach rootstock clone tolerant to flooding stressMuleo, Rosario ; Iacona, C.; Pistelli, L.; Loreti, F.
2012Novel Prunus rootstock somaclonal variants with divergent ability to tolerate waterloggingPistelli, L.; Iacona, C.; Miano, D.; Cirilli, M.; Colao, M. C.; Mensuali Sodi, A.; Muleo, Rosario 
2007A novel rootstock tolerant to flooding stress usable for Prunus sppMuleo, Rosario ; Iacona, C.; Pistelli, L.; Miano, D.; Tavanti, E.; Tivegna, D.; Loreti, F.
2016Plasticity of Plant Development in Apricot as Determined by Genome and Surrounding LightIacona, C.; Cirilli, M.; Silvestri, C.; Pistelli, L.; Muleo, Rosario 
2010Prunus SPP Rootstock Mutant Tolerant To Flooding is also affected in photoperiod responsePistelli, L.; Iacona, C.; Colao, M. C.; Loreti, F.; Muleo, Rosario 
2007Tratti morfologici, fisiologici e molecolari differenziano il mutante S4, tollerante lanossia, del portinnesto wild type Mr.S2/5Muleo, Rosario ; Pistelli, L.; Iacona, C.; Miano, D.; Tavanti, E.; Loreti, F.
2016Using Genome Plasticity to Generate in Vitro Rootstocks Tolerant Waterlogging in VivoMuleo, Rosario ; Iacona, C.; Pistelli, L.; Cirilli, M.; Silvestri, C.