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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Francesco Nagni and the collection preserved at the Museum of Colle del Duomo (Viterbo)Parisi, C.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Agresti, G.
2015LITURGICAL RESTORATIONParisi, C.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Santamaria, U.; Pogliani, Paola ; Agresti, G.; Longo, S.
2015Liturgical restoration: the case study of the Infant Jesus of Prague from the church of St. Maria of Providence at Macchia Giarre (Italy)Parisi, C.; Pelosi, C.; Santamaria, Ulderico ; Pogliani, P.; Agresti, G.; Longo, S.
2012RACK1 is a ribosome scaffold protein for beta-actin mRNA/ZBP1 complexCeci, Marcello ; Welshhans, K.; Ciotti Mt; Brandi, R.; Parisi, C.; Paoletti, F.; Pistillo, L.; Bassell Gj; Cattaneo, A.