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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Immobilisation/stabilisation of Acid Urease on Eupergit SupportsNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi
2015Immobilization of the recombinant (His)6-tagged L-arabinose isomerase from Thermotoga maritima on epoxy and cupper-chelate epoxy supportsNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello 
2012Immobilization/Stabilization of Acid Urease on EupergitVR SupportsNadia Bortone; Marcello Fidaleo; Moresi, Mauro 
2014Ink-Jet Printing of Gluconobacter oxydansFidaleo, Marcello ; Nadia Bortone; Mark Schulte; Michael Flickinger, C.
2014Internal and external mass transfer limitations on the activity of immobilised acid urease derivatives differing in enzyme loadingNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi; Marcello Fidaleo; Moresi, Mauro