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17-Feb-2011Assessment of tarocco orange fruit firmness by standard and non-destructive testsPallottino, Federico
22-May-2019Commercial short-cut extruded pasta: Cooking quality and carbon footprint vs. water-to-pasta ratioCimini, Alessio; Cibelli, Matteo; Messia, Maria Cristina; Moresi, Mauro
3-Dec-2018Cooking quality of commercial spaghetti: effect of the water-to-dried pasta ratioCimini, Alessio; Cibelli, Matteo; Messia, Maria Cristina; Marconi, Emanuele; Moresi, Mauro
29-Apr-2019Cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of dried organic pasta: assessment and potential mitigation measuresCimini, Alessio; Cibelli, Matteo; Moresi, Mauro
7-Aug-2017Effect of brewery size on the main process parameters and cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of lager beerCimini, Alessio; Moresi, Mauro
2017Energy efficiency and carbon footprint of home pasta cooking appliancesCimini, Alessio; Moresi, Mauro
20-Apr-2018Fructan and β-glucan accumulation in barley kernel and development of flours enriched in bioactive compoundsDe Arcangelis, Elisa
2019Is pasta cooking quality affected by the power rating, water-to-pasta ratio and mixing degree?Cimini, Alessio; Cibelli, Matteo; Moresi, Mauro
16-Feb-2010Model and real wines detoxification by free and immobilised acid urease in stirred bioreactorsAndrich, Lucia
30-May-2014Novel lager beer clarification and stabilisation process using ceramic tubular microfiltration membranesCimini, Alessio
20-May-2019Product Carbon Footprint: Still a proper method to start improving the sustainability of food and beverage enterprisesCimini, Alessio; Moresi, Mauro
8-Jul-2018Reducing the cooking water-to-dried pasta ratio and environmental impact of pasta cookingCimini, Alessio; Cibelli, Matteo; Moresi, Mauro
14-Mar-2008Strategia sperimentale per la progettazione ottimale di unità di ultrafiltrazione per il recupero di biopimeri alimentari da soluzioni molto viscoseSebastiani, Ilio