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2023Development of the hazelnut chain in Tuscany: the case of the integrated project “Loacker, Hazelnuts of Maremma”Cristofori, Valerio ; Pagani, E.; Bevilacqua, F.; Silvestri, Cristian ; Priori, Simone ; Modesti, M.; Bellincontro, A.; Mencarelli, F. ; Perugini, M.; Niedermayr, F.; Furlan, M.
2019Effects of treatments with ozonated water in the vineyard (cv Vermentino) on microbial population and fruit quality parametersModesti, M.; Baccelloni, S.; Brizzolara, S.; Aleandri, Mp; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Mencarelli, F.; Tonutti, P.
2018Quality of green (Actinidia chinensis var. Deliciosa ‘Hayward’) and yellow (A. Chinensis var. Chinensis ‘Soreli’) kiwifruit during cold storage at 0°C in normal atmosphere and with gaseous ozoneGoffi, V.; Modesti, M.; Forniti, R.; Botondi, Rinaldo