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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2007Micro-Raman and stratigraphic studies of the paintings on the ‘Cembalo’ model musical instrument (A.D. 1650) and laser-induced degradation of the detected pigments.De Santis, Alberto; Mattei, Elisabetta; Pelosi, Claudia
2008Production and characterisation of lead, tin and antimony based yellow pigmentsPelosi, Claudia; Santamaria, Ulderico; Agresti, Giorgia; Mattei, Elisabetta; De Santis, Alberto
Feb-2008Raman spectroscopic analysis of azurite blackeningMattei, Elisabetta; De Vivo, Giulia; De Santis, Alberto; Gaetani, Carolina; Pelosi, Claudia; Santamaria, Ulderico
Oct-2007Lo stendardo processionale della Confraternita del Santissimo Sacramento di SutriLatini, Elena; Pelosi, Claudia; De Santis, Alberto; Mattei, Elisabetta; Capriotti, Giorgio
Jun-2009Study of decorated pottery fragments by means of micro-Raman and other techniquesPelosi, Claudia; Montini, Ilaria; Mattei, Elisabetta; Gaudenzi Asinelli, Mainardo; De Santis, Alberto