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2017Integrated System of Phytodepuration and water reclamationPetroselli, Andrea ; Giannotti, M.; Marras, T.; Allegrini, E.
2015Integrated System of Phytodepuration for agroindustrial wastewater: three different case studiesPetroselli, Andrea ; Giannotti, M.; Allegrini, E.; Marras, T.
2015The Integrated System of Phytodepuration of Sile river Natural ParkPetroselli, Andrea ; Giannotti, M.; Arcangeletti, E.; Palomba, F.; Marras, T.
2014Noble biomass: restore, recycle, profit using cork oak (Quercus suber L.)Marras, T.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Vessella, F.; Damiani, G.; Schirone, Bartolomeo 
2014Relevant aspects of the Abruzzo coast transformation during last centuries (Central Adriatic Italy)Cianfaglione, K.; Damiani, G.; Schirone, Bartolomeo ; Pirone, G.; Ciaschetti, G.; Manzi, A.; Di Felice, P. L.; Colazilli, A.; Marras, T.
2013Zephyr Project: Phase I, morphogenetic effects of LED lights on seedlings growthMarras, T.; Vessella, F.; Schirone, A.; Sandoletti, G.; Schirone, Bartolomeo