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2003Double muscling in Marchigiana beef breed is caused by a stop codon in the third exon of myostatin geneMarchitelli, Cinzia; Savarese, Maria Carmela; Crisà, Alessandra; Nardone, Alessandro; Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo; Valentini, Alessio
2007European cattle breed cluster accordingly to their meat quality parametersValentini, Alessio; Nardone, Alessandro; Crisà, Alessandra; Marchitelli, Cinzia; Failla, Sebastiana; Gigli, S.; Alberti, P.; Sañudo, C.; Nutte, G.; Ertbjerg, P.; Hocquette, J. F.; Williams, J. L.
6-Apr-2011Exploring polymorphisms and effects of candidate genes on milk fat quality in dairy sheepCrisà, Alessandra; Marchitelli, Cinzia; Pariset, Lorraine; Contarini, Giovanna; Signorelli, Federica; Napolitano, Francesco; Catillo, Gennaro; Valentini, Alessio; Moioli, Bianca