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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Kinetic characterization of arginase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae during alcoholic fermentation at different temperaturesBenucci, I.; Fiorelli, V.; Lombardelli, C.; Liburdi, Katia ; Esti, Marco ; Esti; M.
2019Multi-enzymatic Systems Immobilized on Chitosan Beads for Pomegranate Juice Treatment in Fluidized Bed Reactor: Effect on Haze-Active Molecules and Chromatic PropertiesBenucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, C.; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Esti, Marco 
2020Novel microencapsulated yeast for the primary fermentation of green beer: kinetic behavior, volatiles and sensory profileBenucci, I.; Cecchi, T.; Lombardelli, C.; Maresca, D.; Mauriello, G.; Esti, Marco 
2017Optimization of pectinase and protease clarification treatment of pomegranate juiceCerreti, M.; Liburdi, Katia ; Benucci, I.; Emiliani Spinelli, S.; Lombardelli, C.; Esti, Marco ; Spinelli Se
2020Papain covalently immobilized on Chitosan–Clay nanocomposite films: Application in synthetic and real white wineBenucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Esti, Marco 
2013Papain from papaya (Carica papaya L.) fruit and latexEsti, Marco ; Benucci, I.; Lombardelli, C.; Liburdi, Katia ; Garzillo Amv
2018A preliminary study of continuous milk coagulation using Cynara cardunculus flower extract and calf rennet immobilized on magnetic particlesLiburdi, K.; Emiliani Spinelli, S.; Benucci, I.; Lombardelli, C.; Esti, Marco 
2019Prevention of haze formation in pomegranate juice by continuous multi-enzymatic treatmentBenucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, C.; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Esti, M.
2019Synergistic recovery of natural food pigments from unsold tomatoes by enzyme-assisted extractionBenucci, Ilaria ; Liburdi, K.; Lombardelli, C.
2020Tailored and synergistic enzyme-assisted extraction of carotenoid-containing chromoplasts from tomatoesLombardelli, C.; Liburdi, Katia ; Benucci, Ilaria ; Esti, Marco