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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of the materials and authentication of a polychrome wood mask from Papua New GuineaBaraldi, P.; Lo Monaco, A.; Ortenzi, F.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Quarato; Rossi, L.
2014Chromatic Variations of Wood Surface Due to Laser IrradiationLo Monaco, A.; Picchio, R.; Balletti, F.; Agresti, G.; Fodaro, D.; Ventsislavova Nedelcheva, T.; Pelosi, Claudia 
2018Coarse woody debris variability due to human accessibility to forestBehjou Fk; Lo Monaco, A.; Tavankar, F.; Venanzi, R.; Nikooy, M.; Mederski Ps; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2018Corsican pine (Pinus laricio Poiret) stand management: Medium and long lasting effects of thinning on biomass growthPicchio, Rodolfo ; Venanzi, R.; Latterini, F.; Marchi, E.; Laschi, A.; Lo Monaco, A.
1996Dendrocronologia del faggio (Fagus sylvatica L.) sui Monti SabiniBernabei, M.; Lo Monaco, A.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Romagnoli, M.
2019Diagnostic investigation through minimal sampling sampling for religious artworks knowledgePelosi, Claudia ; Balletti, F.; Agresti, G.; Lo Monaco, A.
2016DORIA REPOSITORYSforzini, L.; Piccardo, P.; Bongiorno, V.; Vernet, J.; Fodaro, D.; Lo Monaco, A.; Martini, P.; Franceschini, E.; Pelosi, Claudia 
2014Growth effect of thinning operation in an umbrella pine (Pinus pinea L.) stand in Central ItalyLo Monaco, A.; Caputo, F.; Calienno, L.; Balletti, F.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2018Healing ability and diameter growth of lime-trees (Tilia begonifolia Stev.) following logging woundsTavankar, F.; Lo Monaco, A.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Venanzi, R.; Nikooy, M.
2019How to reveal the invisible: the fundamental role of diagnostics for religious painting investigation 209-220Luciani, G.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Agresti, G.; Lo Monaco, A.
2016An integrated approach to the conservation of a wooden sculpture representing Saint Joseph by the workshop of Ignaz Gnther (1727-1775)Pelosi, Claudia ; Calienno, L.; Fodaro, D.; Borrelli, E.; Rubino Ar; Sforzini, L.; Lo Monaco, A.
2015Light induced colour changes and chemical modification of treated and untreated chestnut wood surfaceCalienno, L.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Picchio, R.; Agresti, G.; Santamaria, Ulderico ; Balletti, F.; Lo Monaco, A.
2015Modelling color and chemical changes on normal and red heart beech wood by reflectance spectrophotometry, Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imagingBonifazi, G.; Calienno, L.; Capobianco, G.; Lo Monaco, A.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Picchio, R.; Serranti, S.
2014Modelling colour and chemical changes on beech wood with or without red heartwoodCalienno, L.; Lo Monaco, A.; Pelosi, C.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2018Strip clear-cutting application and logging typologies for renaturalization of pine afforestation-A case studyPicchio, Rodolfo ; Mercurio, R.; Venanzi, R.; Gratani, L.; Giallonardo, T.; Lo Monaco, A.; Frattaroli , A. R.
2018Study of Forest Road Effect on Tree Community and Stand Structure in Three Italian and Iranian Temperate ForestsPicchio, Rodolfo ; Tavankar, F.; Venanzi, R.; Lo Monaco, A.; Nikooy, M.
2014Study of the technique and of the materials of a 19th C. polychrome wood mask from Papua New GuineaBaraldi, P.; Lo Monaco, A.; Ortenzi, F.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Quarato, F.; Rossi, L.
2015Technical properties of beech wood from aged coppices in central ItalyLo Monaco, A.; Calienno, L.; Pelosi, C.; Balletti, F.; Agresti, G.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2015Technical properties of Italian beech wood from aged coppicesLo Monaco, A.; Calienno, L.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Balletti, F.; Agresti, G.; Picchio, R.
2012Valutazione del colore in legni consolidatiGenco, G.; Lo Monaco, A.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Picchio, R.; Santamaria, U.