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2014Assessment of carbon footprint and energy performance of the extra virgin olive oil chain in Umbria, ItalyRinaldi, S.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.
2016Characterization of pellets from mixing olive pomace and olive tree pruningBarbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.; Stanzione, V.; Esposito, A.; Altieri, R.; Bufacchi, M.
2013Ethanol production from Vineyard pruning residues with steam esplosion pretreatmentBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.
2015Ethanol Production from Vineyard Pruning Residues with Steam Explosion PretreatmentBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.
2014Evaluation of steam explosion pre-treatment for enzymatic hydrolysis of Vineyard pruningBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Foschini, D.; Lascaro, E.
2018Optimization of bioethanol production from steam exploded hornbeam wood (Ostrya carpinifolia) by enzymatic hydrolysisBarbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.; Foschini, D.; Cotana, F.; Buratti, C.
2015Optimization of the steam explosion and enzymatic hydrolysis for sugars production from oak woodsCotana, F.; Buratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.