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2009Allele segregation at SSR loci and allele traceability for hazelnut accessions (Corylus avellana L.) from landraces grown in the Latium Region (Italy)Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Rugini, Eddo; De Pace, Ciro
2009Biometrical Methods to Reinforce Selection Efficiency in Breeding Programs for Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) Crop ImprovementKuzmanović, Ljiljana; Rugini, Eddo; De Pace, Ciro
22-Mar-2011Cytogenetic, physiological and agronomic characterization of wheat Thinopyrum ponticum recombinant lines carrying relevant breeding traitsKuzmanović, Ljiljana
2010Durum wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum recombinant lines: a tool to finely describe homoeologous 7L arm regions.Gennaro, Andrea; Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Giorgi, Debora; Grossi, Rosaria; Bitti, Alessandra; Quarrie, Steve A.; Ceoloni, Carla
2019Equipping Durum Wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum Recombinant Lines With a Thinopyrum elongatum Major QTL for Resistance to Fusarium Diseases Through a Cytogenetic StrategyKuzmanović, Ljiljana; Mandalà, Giulia; Tundo, Silvio; Ciorba, Roberto; Frangella, Matteo; Ruggeri, Roberto ; Rossini, Francesco ; Gevi, Federica ; Rinalducci, Sara ; Ceoloni, Carla 
2009A generalized procedure to prepare PCR-grade DNA from different Corylus avellana L. plant tissues for parentage analysis.Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Rugini, Eddo; De Pace, Ciro
2010Genetic and cytogenetic maps of durum wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum recombinant chromosomes: a tool to finely describe Triticeae 7L arms and to target alien traits.Gennaro, Andrea; Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Forte, Paola; Lattanzi, Gionata; Grossi, Rosaria; Bitti, Alessandra; Giorgi, Debora; Ceoloni, Carla
2009Micro-methods for genotypic screening of hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) seeds to accelerate breeding for seed metabolite improvementKuzmanović, Ljiljana; Delfini, Maurizio; Rugini, Eddo; Gutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; De Pace, Ciro
2009Pyramiding into durum and bread wheat fusarium head blight resistance and other useful traits from Thinopyrum ponticum.Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Gennaro, Andrea; Bitti, Alessandra; Ceoloni, Carla