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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Microstructure and nonisothermal cold crystallization of PLA composites based on silver nanoparticles and nanocrystalline celluloseFortunati Elena; Armentano, Ilaria ; Zhou, Q.; Puglia Debora; Terenzi Andrea; Berglund , L. A.; Kenny Jose Maria
2013Multifunctional nanostructured PLA materials for packaging and tissue engineeringArmentano, Ilaria ; Bitinis, N.; Fortunati Elena; Mattioli Samantha; Rescignano Nicoletta; Verdejo, R.; Lopez Manchado , M. A.; Kenny Jose Maria
2014Nano-biocomposite films with modified cellulose nanocrystals and synthesized silver nanoparticlesFortunati Elena; Rinaldi, S.; Peltzer, M.; Bloise, N.; Visai, L.; Armentano, Ilaria ; Jimnez, A.; Latterini Loredana; Kenny Jose Maria
2013Nanocomposites Based on PLLA and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Support the Myogenic Differentiation of Murine Myoblast Cell LineMontesano Simona; Jos Ramon Sarasua; Kenny Jose Maria; Aldo Orlacchio; Armentano, Ilaria ; Martino Sabata; Erlantz Lizundia; Francesco Dangelo; Fortunati Elena; Samantha Mattioli; Morena Francesco; Bicchi Ilaria; Fabio Naro; Maurilio Sampaolesi
2014Nanostructured polystyrene films engineered by plasma processesSamantha Mattioli; Martino Sabata; Francesco Dangelo; Emiliani Carla; Kenny Jose Maria; Armentano, Ilaria 
2004Ozone adsorption on carbon nanotubesPicozzi, S.; Delley, B.; Valentini, L.; Armentano, Ilaria ; Kenny, J. M.; Delle, B.; Santucci, S.; Lozzi, L.; Cantalini, C.; Baratto, C.; Sberveglieri, G.; Kenny Jose Maria; Valentini Luca
2008PLLA/SWNTs new nanocomposite for biomedical applicationArmentano, Ilaria ; Dottori, M.; Fortunati, E.; Marinucci Lorella; Balloni Stefania; Locci Paola; Pennacchi, M.; Kenny Jose Maria
2003Pulsed plasma-induced alignment of carbon nanotubesValentini Luca; Armentano, Ilaria ; Kenny Jose Maria; Lozzi, L.; Santucci, S.
2014PVA bio-nanocompositesRescignano, N.; Fortunati Elena; Montesano Simona; Emiliani Carla; Kenny Jose Maria; Martino Sabata; Armentano, Ilaria 
2004Role of defects on the gas sensing properties of carbon nanotube thin filmsValentini Luca; Mercuri, F.; Armentano, Ilaria ; Cantalini, C.; Picozzi, S.; Lozzi, L.; Santucci, S.; Sgamellotti, A.; Kenny Jose Maria
2006Selective Interaction of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Conducting DendrimerValentini Luca; Armentano, Ilaria ; Ricco, L.; Alongi, J.; Pennelli, G.; Mariani, A.; Russo, S.; Kenny Jose Maria
2003Sensitivity to NO2 and cross-sensitivity analysis to NH3, ethanol and humidity of carbon nanotubes thin film prepared by PECVDCantalini, C.; Valentini Luca; Armentano, Ilaria ; Lozzi, L.; Kenny Jose Maria; Santucci, S.
2003Sensors for sub-ppm NO2 Gas Detection Based on Carbon Nanotube Thin FilmsValentini Luca; Armentano, Ilaria ; Kenny Jose Maria; Cantalini, C.; Lozzi, L.; Santucci, S.
2009Stem cells, nanocomposites and three dimensional muscle structuresDangelo, F.; Tiribuzi Roberto; Kenny Jose Maria; Martino Sabata; Sampaolesi, M.; Orlacchio Aldo; Armentano, Ilaria ; Fortunati Elena; Quattrocelli, M.; Palazzolo, G.; Bicchi, I.; Loperfido, M.; Crippa, S.; Cassano, M.
2013Structure, gas-barrier properties and overall migration of poly(lactic acid) films coated with hydrogenated amorphous carbon layersMattioli Samantha; Peltzer, M.; Fortunati Elena; Armentano, Ilaria ; Jimnez, A.; Kenny Jose Maria
2014Thermal and bio-disintegration properties of poly(lactic acid)/natural rubber/organoclay nanocompositesNatacha Bitinis; Fortunati Elena; Raquel Verdejo; Armentano, Ilaria ; Torre Luigi; Kenny Jose Maria; Miguel Ngel Lpez Manchado
2012Tuning multi pluri-potent stem cell fate by electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)-calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite nanocomposite matsDangelo, F.; Cerulli, G.; Visai, L.; Kenny Jose Maria; Sampaolesi, M.; Bianco, A.; Martino Sabata; Orlacchio Aldo; Armentano, Ilaria ; Cacciotti, I.; Tiribuzi Roberto; Quattrocelli Mattia; Del Gudio, C.; Fortunati Elena; Saino, E.; Caraffa Auro