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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The down-regulation of the genes encoding Isoamylase 1 alters the starch composition of the durum wheat grainSestili, Francesco ; Battistelli, A.; Trost, P.; Lafiandra, Domenico ; D'ovidio, R.; Cuesta-seijo Ja; Sparla, F.; Botticella, E.; Janni, M.; Dovidio, R.; Falini, G.; Marri, L.; Cuesta-seijoe, J.; Moscatello, S.
2018First production of wild emmer (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides) transgenic plantsJanni, M.; Bozzini, T.; Di Giovanni, M.; Moscetti, I.; Lupi, I.; Gennaro, A.; Volpi, C.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.
2010Increasing the amylose content of durum wheat through silencing of the SBEIIa genesSestili, Francesco ; Janni, M.; Doherty, A.; Botticella, E.; Dovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Jones, H.; Lafiandra, D.; Jones Hd
2008Modifying kernel composition for technological and nutritional improvement of durum and bread wheatLafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Sestili, F.; Botticella, E.; Panichi, D.; Janni, M.; Dovidio, R.; Margiotta, B.
2012Production of wheat transgenic plants to unravel the maturation process of LMW-GSEgidi, E.; Janni, M.; Sestili, F.; Ceriotti, A.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Kasarda, D. D.; Vensel, W. H.; Masci, Stefania 
2004Proteome analysis of transgenic wheats over-expressing polypeptides related to technological properties and plant defenceScossa, F.; Kasarda, D. D.; Vensel, W. H.; Roberti, S.; Janni, M.; Ferri, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, D.; Lafiandra, D.; Anderson, O. D.; Blechl, A. E.
2010Proteomic Analysis Of Transgenic Bread Wheat Kernels following Fusarium graminearum InfectionLaino, P.; Janni, M.; Di Carli, M. S.; Benvenuto, E.; Lilley, K.; Lafiandra, D.; Dovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania 
2010Study Of The Maturation Process Of Low Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits By Means Of Transgenic Wheat Plants And Proteomic ApproachesEgidi, E.; Janni, M.; Sestili, F.; Ceriotti, A.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Kasarda, D. D.; Vensel, W. H.; Masci, Stefania 
2010The Wheat Polygalacturonase-Inhibiting Protein Genes Tapgip1 And Tapgip2 Are Up-Regulated By Fungal Infection And Strongly Induced In Response To Mechanical WoundingJanni, M.; Bozzini, T.; Lupi, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.