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2021High-throughput sequencing of 5S-IGS in oaks: Exploring intragenomic variation and algorithms to recognize target species in pure and mixed samplesPiredda, Roberta; Grimm, Guido W.; Schulze, Ernst-Detlef; Denk, Thomas; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
2023Niche evolution in a northern temperate tree lineage: biogeographical legacies in cork oaks (Quercus section Cerris)Denk, Thomas; Grimm, Guido W.; Hipp, Andrew L.; Bouchal, Johannes M.; Schulze, Ernst-Detlef; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
2017Phylogeographic structuring of plastome diversity in Mediterranean oaks (Quercus Group Ilex, Fagaceae)Vitelli, Martina; Vessella, Federico ; Cardoni, Simone; Pollegioni, Paola; Denk, Thomas; Grimm, Guido W.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo