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2004Accurate vibrational spectra of large molecules by density functional computations beyond the harmonic approximationBarone, V.; Festa, G.; Grandi, A.; Rega, N.; Sanna, Nico 
2006Electron-attachment resonances of glycine zwitterions from quantum scattering calculationsBaccarelli, I.; Grandi, A.; Gianturco , F. A.; Lucchese , R. R.; Sanna, Nico 
2007Electron-driven molecular processes induced in biological systems by electromagnetic and other ionizing sourcesBaccarelli, I.; Gianturco , F. A.; Grandi, A.; Lucchese , R. R.; Sanna, Nico 
2007Gaussian gridSanna, Nico ; Castrignano, T.; De Meo Donorio, P.; Carrabino, D.; Grandi, A.; Morelli, G.; Caruso, P.; Barone, V.
2004H- desorption from uracil via metastable electron captureGrandi, A.; Gianturco Fa; Sanna, Nico 
2004Low-energy electron scattering by cubaneGianturco Fa; Lucchese Rr; Grandi, A.; Sanna, Nico 
2008Metastable anion fragmentations after resonant attachmentBaccarelli, I.; Gianturco , F. A.; Grandi, A.; Sanna, Nico 
2005New hints on the pH-driven tautomeric equilibria of the topotecan anticancer drug in aqueous solutions from an integrated spectroscopic and quantum-mechanical approachSanna, Nico ; Chillemi, G.; Grandi, A.; Castelli, S.; Desideri, A.; Barone, V.
2006Theoretical modeling of the valence UV spectra of 1,2,3-triazine and uracil in solutionZazza, C.; Amadei, A.; Sanna, Nico ; Grandi, A.; Chillemi, G.; Di Nola, A.; Dabramo, M.; Aschi, M.