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2006Electron-attachment resonances of glycine zwitterions from quantum scattering calculationsBaccarelli, I.; Grandi, A.; Gianturco , F. A.; Lucchese , R. R.; Sanna, Nico 
2007Electron-driven molecular processes induced in biological systems by electromagnetic and other ionizing sourcesBaccarelli, I.; Gianturco , F. A.; Grandi, A.; Lucchese , R. R.; Sanna, Nico 
2008Metastable anion fragmentations after resonant attachmentBaccarelli, I.; Gianturco , F. A.; Grandi, A.; Sanna, Nico 
2009Modelling dissociative dynamics of biosystems after metastable electron attachmentBaccarelli, I.; Sebastianelli, F.; Gianturco , F. A.; Sanna, Nico 
2008Ring-breaking electron attachment to uracilGianturco Franco, A.; Sebastianelli, F.; Lucchese , R. R.; Baccarelli, I.; Sanna, Nico ; Gianturco , F. A.