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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Functional characterization of two rare LMW-GS in determining visco-elastic properties of wheat doughFerrante, P.; Gianibelli, C.; Larroque, O.; Volpi, C.; Mattei, B.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania 
2007Hypothetical differential processing of low molecular weight glutenin subunits Met- and Ser-types at their N-terminal endFerrante, P.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Ceriotti, A.; Vensel, W. H.; Kasarda, D. D.; Masci, Stefania 
2004LMW-i types are expressed in the wheat endosperm and belong to the glutenin fractionFerrante, P.; Patacchini, C.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.
2004A proteomic approach to verify in vitro and in vivo expression of wheat gluten proteinsFerrante, P.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Razzino, G.; Mattei, B.