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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Bacteria from marine salterne as a model of microorganisms adapted to high environmental variationsBarghini, Paolo ; Silvi, S.; Aquilanti, A.; Marcelli, M.; Fenice, M.
2014Bacteria from marine salterns as a model of microorganism adapted ti high environmental variationsBarghini, P.; Silvi, S.; Aquilanti, A.; Marcelli, Marco ; Fenice, M.
2015Biodiversity of bacteria from Trapani-Paceco salternsBarghini, Paolo ; Aquilanti, A.; Silvi, S.; Gorrasi, S. ; Juarez-jimenez, B.; Cordova-salas, K.; Fenice, M.
2014Boundaries for life in Northern Victoria Land, AntarcticaZucconi, L.; Reboleiro-rivas; Onofri, S.; Cecchini, C.; Isola, D.; Fenice, M.; Madonna, Sergio ; Reboleiro-rivas, P.; Selbmann, Laura ; Ripa, C.
1998Chitinolytic activity at low temperature of an Antartic strain (A3) of Verticillium lecaniiFenice, M.; Selbmann, Laura ; Di Giambattista Federici, R. F.
2001The chitinolytic activity of Penicillium janthinellum P9Di Giambattista, R.; Federici, F.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Fenice, M.
2013Crude cell-wall degrading enzymes prepatation, by the antarctic fungus Lecanicillium muscarium CCFEE 5003, inhibits the ochratoxin-A producer Aspergillus carbonarius on withe and red grapesBarghini, Paolo ; Esti, M.; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Silvi, S.; Aquilanti, A.; Fenice, M.
2013Crude cell-wall degrading enzymes, by the Antarctic fungus Lecanicillium muscarium CCFEE 5003, inhibits the Ochratoxin-A producer Aspergillus carbonarius on white and red grapesBarghini, P.; Esti, M.; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Silvi, S.; Aquilanti, A.; Fenice, M.
2003Different biological pretreatments and olive mill wastewater dephenolation by Panus tigrinusQuaratino, D.; Federici, F.; Dannibale, A.; Cascella, F.; Fenice, M.
1993Distribution and typology of glucose oxidase activity in the genus PenicilliumPetruccioli, Maurizio ; Fenice, M.; Piccioni, P.
2020Diversity and ecology of culturable marine fungi associated with Posidonia oceanica leaves and their epiphytic algae Dictyota dichotoma and Sphaerococcus coronopifoliusPasqualetti, Marcella ; Giovannini, V.; Barghini, P.; Gorrasi, S. ; Fenice, M.
2000Ecology and biology of microfunghi from Antarctic rocks and soilOnofri, Silvano ; Ocampo-friedmann, R.; Friedmann Ei; Fenice, M.; Cicalini Ar; Tosi, S.; Magrino, A.; Pagano, S.; Selbmann, L.; Zucconi, L.; Vishniac Hs
2000Ecology and biology of microfungi from Antartic rocks and soilOnofri, S.; Ocampo; Friedmann , E. I.; Fenice, M.; Cicalini, A.; Tosi, S.; Magrino, A.; Pagano, S.; Selbmann, Laura ; Zucconi, L.; Vishniac, H.
2006Effect of agitation and aeration on the reduction of pollutant load from olive-mill wastewater by the white-rot fungus Panus tigrinusDannibale, A.; Quaratino, D.; Federici, F.; Fenice, M.
1995Effect of stirrer speed and buffering agents on the production of glucose oxidase and catalase by Penicillium variabile P16 in benchtop bioreactorPetruccioli, Maurizio ; Fenice, M.; Piccioni, P.; Federici, F.
1999Efficienza delle bioconversioni di acque di vegetazione in fase omogenea ed eterogenea sul rilascio di esoenzimiGiovannozzi-sermanni, G.; Vinciguerra; V.; D'annibale; A.; Federici, F.; Fenice, M.; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Vinciguerra, V.; Dannibale, A.; Giovannozzi-sermanni; G.
1993Enzymatic production of fungal strains from continental antarcticaFenice, M.; Gallo, R.; Zucconi, L.; Tosi, S.; Onofri, Silvano 
2008Fed-batch gluconic acid production from Penicillium variabile P16 under different feeding strategiesCrognale, Silvia ; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Fenice, M.; Federici, F.
2014From polluting seafood waste to energyGorrasi, S. ; Izzo, G.; Massini, G.; Signorini, A.; Barghini, Paolo ; Fenice, M.