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2010An IS for Archaeological Finds Management as a Platform for Knowledge Management: The ArcheoTRAC CaseBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Federici, Tommaso
2020Combining social media affordances for organizing collective actionSæbø, Øystein; Federici, Tommaso; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
nov-2017Condividere la conoscenza per far progredire l’archeologia: implicazioni organizzative e tecnologicheBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Federici, Tommaso
2014From the Blogosphere into Real Politics: The Use of ICT by the Five Star MovementSæbø, Øystein; Braccini, Alessio Maria; Federici, Tommaso
2019From the blogosphere into the parliament: The role of digital technologies in organizing social movementsBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Sæbø, Øystein; Federici, Tommaso