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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Kinetic and redox properties of MnP II, a major manganese peroxidase isoenzyme from Panus tigrinus CBS 577.79Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Bavero, G.; Frasconi, M.; Quaratino, D.; Covino, S.; Favero, G.; Mazzei, F.; Federici, F.; Dannibale, A.; Fiasconi, M.
1999Linamarase of Mucor circinelloides LU M40 and its detoxyfying activity on cassavaPetruccioli, Maurizio ; Brimer, L.; Cicalini, A. R.; Federici, F.
2005MICORISANAMENTO "EX SITU" DI UN SUOLO STORICAMENTE CONTAMINATO DA IDROCARBURI AROMATICID'annibale, A.; Petruccioli, M.; Federici, F.; Leonardi, V.; Mincione, E.; Quaratino, D.; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Giovannozzi Sermanni, G.
2005Micorisanamento ex situ di un suolo storicamente contaminato da idrocarburi aromaticiDannibale, A.; Petruccioli, M.; Federici, F.; Leonardi, V.; Mincione, E.; Quaratino, D.; Stazi, S. R.; Giovannozzi Sermanni, G.
2004Microbial characterisation of activated sludge in jet-loop bioreactors treating winery wastewatersEusebio, A.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Lageiro, M.; Federici, F.; Duarte, J.
2009Microbial production of enzymes on olive mill wastewaterPetruccioli, Maurizio ; Federici, F.; Dannibale, A.
2006Mn-peroxidase production by Panus tigrinus CBS 577.79Quaratino, D.; Fenice, M.; Federici, F.; Dannibale, A.
1991Modelling of cyclic fed-batch plus batch polygalacturonase production by Aureobasidium pullulans on raw orange peelMoresi, M.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Federici, F.
1997Mycoparasitism of the chitinolytic Antartic strain Verticillium cfr. lecanii (A3) against Mucor plumbeusFenice, M.; Selbmann, Laura ; Di; Federici, F.
2012Non-supplemented aqueous extract from dry olive mill residueSampedro, I.; Dannibale, A.; Federici, F.; Garcia Romera, I.; Siles Ja; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
2006Olive mill wastewater valorization by fungiCrognale, S.; Dannibale, A.; Federici, F.; Fenice, M.; Quaratino, D.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Fenice, F.
2006Olive mill wastewatersDannibale, A.; Giovannozzi Sermanni, G.; Federici, F.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
2006Olive-oil mill wastewater valorisation by fungiCrognale, Silvia ; Dannibale, A.; Federici, F.; Fenice, M.; Quaratino, D.; Petruccioli, M.
2005Optimization by response surface methodology of fungal lipase production on olive mill wastewatersDannibale, A.; Brozzoli, V.; Crognale, S.; Gallo, A. M.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Federici, F.; Crognale Gallo Am, S.
1995Oxidoreductases from tomato fruitBegliomini Al; Montedoro Gf; Servili, M.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Federici, F.
2006Panus TigrinusQuaratino, D.; Petruccioli, M.; Federici, F.; Dannibale, A.; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; D'annibale, A.
2008Panus tigrinus bioaugmentation of a historically contaminated soil enhances bioremediation and affects bacterial community structure and functionGiubilei, M. A.; Federici, E.; Leonardi, V.; Federici, F.; Dannibale, A.; Petruccioli, M.
2004Panus tigrinus efficiently removes phenols, color and organic load from olive-mill wastewaterDannibale, A.; Ricci, M.; Quaratino, D.; Federici, F.; Fenice, M.
1988Pectic enzyme production by Cryptococcus albidus var. albidus on olive vegetation waters enriched with sunflower calathide mealFederici, F.; Montedoro Gf; Servili, M.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
1993Pectinase production from olive vegetation waters and its use in the mechanical olive-oil extraction process to increase oil yield and improve qualityMontedoro, G. L.; Begliomini, A. L.; Servili, M.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Federici, F.