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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Testosterone replacement therapy in insulin-sensitive hypogonadal men restores phosphatidylcholine levels by regulation of arachidonic acid metabolismFanelli, Giuseppina; Belardo, Antonio; Savino, Rocco; Rinalducci, Sara ; Zolla, Lello 
2021The Potential of Lisosan G as a Possible Treatment for GlaucomaAmato, Rosario; Rossino, Maria Grazia; Cammalleri, Maurizio; Timperio, Anna Maria ; Fanelli, Giuseppina; Dal Monte, Massimo; Pucci, Laura; Casini, Giovanni
2019Untargeted Metabolomics of Plant Leaf TissuesGevi, Federica ; Fanelli, Giuseppina; Zolla, Lello ; Rinalducci, Sara 
2020Vesiculation of Red Blood Cells in the Blood Bank: A Multi-Omics Approach towards Identification of Causes and ConsequencesFreitas Leal, Joames K; Lasonder, Edwin; Sharma, Vikram; Schiller, J├╝rgen; Fanelli, Giuseppina; Rinalducci, Sara ; Brock, Roland; Bosman, Giel