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2012Binding of an indenoisoquinoline to the topoisomerase-DNA complex induces reduction of linker mobility and strengthening of protein-DNA interactionMancini, G.; Dannessa, I.; Coletta, A.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Pommier, Y.; Cushman, M.; Desideri, A.
2012Carbon monoxide binding to the heme group at the dimeric interface modulates structure and copper accessibility in the Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase from Haemophilus ducreyiChillemi, Giovanni ; De Santis, S.; Falconi, M.; Mancini, G.; Migliorati, V.; Battistoni, A.; Pacello, F.; Desideri, A.; Dangelo, P.
2016Comparison of two NGS platforms for metagenomic analysis of clinical samplesBiagini, T.; Bartolini, B.; Giombini, E.; Ferr, F.; Selleri, M.; Rozera, G.; Capobianchi, M. R.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Desideri, A.
2008Il ruolo del calcolo scientifico nella ricerca sul cancroSanna, Nico ; Barone, V.; Desideri, A.; Chillemi, G.
2012Importance of V3 Loop Flexibility and Net Charge in the Context of Co-Receptor Recognition. A Molecular Dynamics Study on HIV gp120Chandramouli, B.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Abbate, I.; Capobianchi Mr; Rozera, G.; Desideri, A.
2015Molecular Characterization of the First Ebola Virus Isolated in Italy, from a Health Care Worker Repatriated from Sierra LeoneCastilletti, C.; Chiappini, R.; Mazzarelli, A.; Marsella, P.; Petrosillo, N.; Nicastri, E.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Valentini, Alessio ; Desideri, A.; Di Caro, A.; Ippolito, G.; Carletti, F.; Capobianchi, Mr.; Castilletti Concetta; Carletti Fabrizio; Gruber Cesare , E. M.; Bordi Licia; Lalle Eleonora; Quartu Serena; Meschi Silvia; Lapa Daniele; Colavita Francesca; Gruber Ce; Chiappini Roberta; Mazzarelli Antonio; Marsella Patrizia; Petrosillo Nicola; Nicastri Emanuele; Desideri Alessandro; Di Caro Antonino; Ippolito Giuseppe; Bordi, L.; Capobianchi Maria, R.; Lalle, E.; Quartu, S.; Meschi, S.; Lapa, D.; Colavita, F.
2013Molecular dynamics of the full-length p53 monomerChillemi, Giovanni ; Davidovich, P.; Dabramo, M.; Mametnabiev, T.; Garabadgiu Av; Desideri, A.; Melino, G.
2017A molecular dynamics simulation study decodes the early stage of the disassembly process abolishing the human SAMHD1 functionCardamone, F.; Iacovelli, F.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Falconi, M.; Desideri, A.
2005New hints on the pH-driven tautomeric equilibria of the topotecan anticancer drug in aqueous solutions from an integrated spectroscopic and quantum-mechanical approachSanna, Nico ; Chillemi, G.; Grandi, A.; Castelli, S.; Desideri, A.; Barone, V.
2016The p53 tetramer shows an induced-fit interaction of the C-terminal domain with the DNA-binding domainDabramo, M.; Beker, N.; Desideri, A.; Levine Aj; Melino, G.; Chillemi, Giovanni 
2015Parallelization as methodological approach to improve metagenomics analysis through QIIME pipelinePietrucci, D.; Gruber Cem; Retico, F.; Bueno, S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Valentini, A.; Desideri, A.
2014Performances of Bioinformatics Pipelines for the Identification of Pathogens in Clinical Samples with the De Novo Assembly ApproachesBiagini, T.; Bartolini, B.; Giombini, E.; Capobianchi, M. R.; Ferr, F.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Desideri, A.
2012Role of Flexibility in Protein-DNA-Drug RecognitionDannessa, I.; Tesauro, C.; Fiorani, P.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Castelli, S.; Vassallo, O.; Capranico, G.; Desideri, A.
2013Solvent Dependency of the UV-Vis Spectrum of IndenoisoquinolinesColetta, A.; Castelli, S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Sanna, N.; Cushman, M.; Pommier, Y.; Desideri, A.
2013Solvent Dependency of the UV-Vis Spectrum of Indenoisoquinolines: Role of Keto-Oxygens as Polarity Interaction ProbesColetta, A.; Castelli, S.; Chillemi, G.; Sanna, Nico ; Cushman, M.; Pommier, Y.; Desideri, A.
2014Structural dynamics of V3 loop in a trimeric ambiance, a molecular dynamics study on gp120-CD4 trimeric mimicChandramouli, B.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Desideri, A.
2013Structural dynamics of V3 loop with different electrostaticsChandramouli, B.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Giombini, E.; Capobianchi Mr; Rozera, G.; Desideri, A.
2017Structural Evolution and Dynamics of the p53 ProteinsChillemi, Giovanni ; Kehrloesser, S.; Bernassola, F.; Desideri, A.; Dtsch, V.; Levine Aj; Melino, G.