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2024A blood-based multi-biomarker approach reveals different physiological responses of common kestrels to contrasting environmentsGiovanetti, Laura; Caliani, Ilaria; Damiani, Gianluca; Dell'Omo, Giacomo; Costantini, David ; Casini, Silvia
2024Blood transcriptome analysis of common kestrel nestlings living in urban and non-urban environmentsDamiani, Gianluca; Sebastiano, Manrico; Dell'Omo, Giacomo; Costantini, David 
2021Local and regional wind patterns affect spring migration magnitude, flyways and flocking of european honey-buzzards pernis apivorus at the strait of messinaAgostini, Nicolantonio; Chiatante, Gianpasquale ; Gustin, Marco; Cento, Michele; Hardenberg, Jost Von; Dell'Omo, Giacomo; Panuccio, Michele