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2011Biomimetic sensing layer based on electrospun conductive polymer websZampetti, Emiliano; Pantalei, Simone; Scalese, Silvia; Bearzotti, Andrea; De Cesare, Fabrizio; Spinella, Corrado; Macagnano, Antonella
2009Comparison between sensing systems for ammonium detection and measurement in soilDe Cesare, Fabrizio; Zampetti, Emiliano; Pantalei, Simone; Macagnano, Antonella
2020Developing 3D polymer nanostructured fabric as a soil-like model for studying interactions between microorganisms and soil structure - The case of bacterial biofilm developmentDe Cesare, Fabrizio; Di Mattia, Elena ; Macagnano, Antonella
2008Electronic nose and SPME techniques to monitor phenanthrene biodegradation in soilDe Cesare, Fabrizio; Pantalei, Simone; Zampetti, Emiliano; Macagnano, Antonella
2011Use of electronic nose technology to measure soil microbial activity through biogenic volatile organic compounds and gases releaseDe Cesare, Fabrizio; Di Mattia, Elena; Pantalei, Simone; Zampetti, Emiliano; Vinciguerra, VIttorio; Canganella, Francesco; Macagnano, Antonella
2000Use of sonication for measuring acid phosphatase activity in soilDe Cesare, Fabrizio; Garzillo, Anna Maria V.; Buonocore, Vincenzo; Badalucco, Luigi