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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Biocarburanti e biomasse ad uso energeticoCotana, F.; Cavalaglio, G.; Barbanera, Marco 
2018Co-combustion performance and kinetic study of solid digestate with gasification biocharBarbanera, Marco ; Cotana, F.; Di Matteo, U.
2013Feasibility and environmental advantages of a plant with a biomass boiler and absorption chiller machineCotana, F.; Buratti, C.; Moretti, E.; Barbanera, Marco ; Passeri, F.
2019Impact of storage on energy performance of laricio pine wood chipsBuratti, C.; Cristarella Orestano, F.; Cotana, F.; Quaglietta, P.; Antonelli, P.; Barbanera, Marco 
2018Optimization of bio-oil production from solid digestate by microwaveassisted liquefactionBarbanera, Marco ; Pelosi, Claudia ; Taddei, Anna Rita; Cotana, F.
2018Optimization of bioethanol production from steam exploded hornbeam wood (Ostrya carpinifolia) by enzymatic hydrolysisBarbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.; Foschini, D.; Cotana, F.; Buratti, C.
2015Optimization of the steam explosion and enzymatic hydrolysis for sugars production from oak woodsCotana, F.; Buratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.
2017Pyrolysis of pellets made with biomass and glycerol: Kinetic analysis and evolved gas analysisBartocci, P.; Anca-Couce, A.; Slopiecka, K.; Nefkens, S.; Evic, N.; Retschitzegger, S.; Barbanera, M. ; Buratti, C.; Cotana, F.; Bidini, G.; Fantozzi, F.
2014Strategie di impiego del materiale ligneo depositato sugli areniliCotana, F.; Barbanera, Marco ; Pisello, A. L.