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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of Antarctic Teleosts transcriptomes as a tool to explore adaptive immune responsesBuonocore, Francesco ; Gerdol, M.; Pallavicini, A.; Bernini, C.; Mattiucci, S.; Lucente, D.; Cimmaruta, R.; Scapigliati, G.
2010The ecological restoration of Tarquinia saltern drives temporal changes in benthic community structureBellisario, B.; Novelli, C.; Angeletti, D.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
2010The Ecological Restoration of the Tarquinia Salterns drives the temporal changes in the benthic community structureBellisario, B.; Novelli, C.; Cerfolli, F.; Angeletti, Dario ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
2013Effects of sediment management on the amphipod community off the Latium coasts (Tyrrhenian sea) and preliminary DNA barcoding data on Ampelisca (Amphipoda)Marusso, V.; Trabucco, B.; Nonnis, O.; Maggi, C.; Cecchetti, S.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Angeletti, D.; Cimmaruta, R.
2006Genetic diversity and phylogeography of the Apennine yellow-bellied toad Bombina pachypus, with implications for conservationCanestrelli, Daniele ; Cimmaruta, R.; Costantini, V.; Nascetti, G.
2010Genetic diversity of the killifish Aphanius fasciatus paralleling the environmental changes of Tarquinia salterns habitatAngeletti, Dario ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
2010Low microsatellite variation in Aphanius fasciatus from the Tarquinia salternsCimmaruta, R.; Angeletti, Dario ; Pontremolesi, A.; Nascetti, G.
2013Macrobenthic community dynamics in a manipulated hyperhaline ecosystemBellisario, B.; Carere, C.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Angeletti, D.; Nascetti, G.; Cimmaruta, R.
2014Metazoan parasite infection in the swordfish, Xiphias gladius, from the Mediterranean Sea and comparison with Atlantic populationsMattiucci, S.; Garcia, A.; Cipriani, P.; Santos , M. N.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Cimmaruta, R.
2022Microplastics occurrence in fish with different habits from the central Tyrrhenian SeaCimmaruta, R.; Giovannini, S.; Bianchi, J.; Matiddi, M.; Bellisario, B.; Nascetti, G.
2019Molecular and structural characterization of MHC class II beta genes reveals high diversity in the cold-adapted icefish Chionodraco hamatusGerdol, M.; Lucente, D.; Buonocore, Francesco ; Poerio, E.; Scapigliati, G.; Mattiucci, S.; Pallavicini, A.; Cimmaruta, R.
2016A new population of European cave salamanders (genus Hydromantes) from west-central France. Relict or introduction?Lucente, D.; Renet, J.; Gailledrat, M.; Tillet, J.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Cimmaruta, R.
2014Parasite communities of icefish (Chionodraco hamatus) in the Ross Sea (Antarctica). Influence of the host sex on the helminth infracommunity structureSantoro, M.; Mattiucci, S.; Cipriani, P.; Bellisario, B.; Romanelli, F.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
2013Parasitic infection by larval helminths in Antarctic fish pathological changes and impact on the host body condition indexSantoro, M.; Mattiucci, S.; Work, T.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nardi, V.; Cipriani, P.; Bellisario, B.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
2015Persistence, isolation and diversification of a naturally fragmented species in local refugia. The case of hydromantes strinatiiCimmaruta, R.; Lucente, D.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
2007Phylogeography and historical demography of the Italian treefrog Hyla intermedia reveals multiple refugia, range expansions and secondary contacts within the Italian peninsulaCanestrelli, Daniele ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
2008Population genetic structure and diversity of the Apennine endemic stream frog, Rana italica insights on the Pleistocene evolutionary history of the Italian peninsular biotaCanestrelli, Daniele ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
2010The recent history of the Tarquinia Salterns offers the opportunity to investigate parallel changes at the habitat and biodiversity levelCimmaruta, R.; Blasi, S.; Angeletti, Dario ; Nascetti, G.
2017The role of habitat choice in micro-evolutionary dynamicsAngeletti, Dario ; Sebbio, C.; Carlini, A.; Strinati, C.; Nascetti, G.; Carere, Claudio ; Cimmaruta, R.
2017The role of habitat choice in micro-evolutionary dynamics. An experimental study on the Mediterranean killifish Aphanius fasciatus (Cyprinodontidae)Angeletti, D.; Sebbio, C.; Carlini, A.; Strinati, C.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Carere, C.; Cimmaruta, R.