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2017Observation of short time-scale spectral emissions at millimeter wavelengths with the new CTS diagnostic on the FTU tokamakBruschi, A.; Figini, L.; Galperti, C.; Garavaglia, S.; Granucci, G.; Grosso, G.; Korsholm Sb; Lontano, M.; Lubyako, L.; Mazzotta, C.; Mellera, V.; Alessi, E.; Moro, A.; Nielsen Sk; Orsitto, F.; Ramogida, G.; Rasmussen, J.; Ricci, D.; Stejner, M.; Tartari, U.; Bin, W.; Darcangelalabro, O.; Baiocchi, B.; Belli, F.; Calabro, G. ; Casiraghi, I.; Cocilovo, V.