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2018ASSESSMENT OF ORGANIC MICROPOLLUTANTS (PCDD/FS AND PCBS) FROM BIOMASS COMBUSTION IN A SMALL CHP FACILITYGallucci, F.; Pari, L.; Longo, L.; Carnevale, M.; Santangelo, E.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Paolini, V.; Guerriero, E.; Tonolo, A.
2017Assessment of syngas produced by gasification with air of vine prunings through a downdraft reactorGallucci, F.; Longo, L.; Pari, L.; Salerno, M.; Carnevale, M.; Paolini, V.; Colantoni, Andrea 
2018ASSESSMENT OF SYNGAS PRODUCED FROM GASIFICATION OF OLIVE TREE PRUNING IN A DOWNDRAFT REACTORGallucci, F.; Longo, L.; Santangelo, E.; Guerriero, E.; Paolini, V.; Carnevale, M.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Tonolo, A.
2019Characterization of agricultural residues: Physical and chemical analysis for energy transformationsCarnevale, M.; Gallucci, F.; Petracchini, F.; Salerno, M.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Tonolo, A.; Drigo, C.; Paris, E.; Guerriero, E.; Paolini, V.
2020Evaluating the potential use of Cu-contaminated soils for giant reed (Arundo donax, L.) cultivation as a biomass cropCoppa, E.; Astolfi, Stefania ; Beni, C.; Carnevale, M.; Colarossi, D.; Gallucci, F.; Santangelo, E.
2021Evaluation of trace elements fate in contaminated biomass fractions for clean biofuel productionPalma, A.; Vincenti, B.; Carnevale, M.; Paris, E.; Borello, D.; Salerno, M.; Manganiello, R.; Bianchini, L.; Colantoni, A.; Proto, A. R.; Gallucci, F.
2015GLI ALBERI HABITAT NEL COMPRENSORIO DI MONTEDIMEZZO-PENNATARO, ITALIA CENTRALEPerrella, P.; Carnevale, M.; Ciocca, C.; Santopuoli, G.; De Angelis, Paolo ; Marchetti, M.
2015GLI ALBERI HABITAT NEL COMPRENSORIO DI ┬źMONTEDIMEZZO-PENNATARO┬╗, ITALIA CENTRALEPerrella, P.; Carnevale, M.; Ciocca, C.; Santopuoli, G.; De Angelis, Paolo ; Marchetti, M.
2021Spent coffee ground characterization, pelletization test and emissions assessment in the combustion processColantoni, Andrea ; Paris, E.; Bianchini, L.; Ferri, S.; Marcantonio, V.; Carnevale, M.; Palma, A.; Civitarese, V.; Gallucci, F.
2017Tar removal from syngas with natural zeolites from tuffsPaolini, V.; Petracchini, F.; Lo Piano, C.; Longo, L.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Carnevale, M.; Gallucci, F.
2019Tomato genetic variants for peel color, a source of biocompounds and biomass for energy recoverySantangelo, E.; Carnevale, M.; Migliori, Ca; Mazzucato, Andrea ; Picarella, Me; Dono, G.; Gallucci, F.