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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Lipophilization of hydroxytyrosol-enriched fractions from Olea europaea L. by-products and evaluation of the in vitro effects on a model of colorectal cancer cellsBernini, Roberta ; Carastro, I.; Fierini, E.; Brandi Ml; Tanini, A.; Pinelli, P.; Romani, A.; Palmini, G.; Zonefrati, R.
2012Novel compounds from tyrosol and hydroxycinnamic acids exhibiting DPPH radical scavenger activityBernini, Roberta ; Barontini, M.; Carastro, I.; Gentili, P.; Pinelli, P.; Romani, A.
2014Synthesis and DPPH radical scavenger activity of novel phenolic compounds from tyrosol and cinnamic acids. COMUNICAZIONE FLASH F01Carastro, I.; Bernini, Roberta ; Barontini, M.; Gentili, P.; Romani, A.
2014Synthesis and DPPH radical scavenging activity of novel compounds obtained from tyrosol and cinnamic acid derivativesBarontini, M.; Bernini, Roberta ; Carastro, I.; Gentili, P.; Romani, A.
2018Synthesis and evaluation of the antioxidant activity of lipophilic phenethyl trifluoroacetate esters by in vitro ABTS, DPPH and in cell-culture DCF assaysBernini, Roberta ; Barontini, M.; Cis, V.; Carastro, I.; Tofani, D.; Chiodo, R. S.; Lupattelli, P.; Incerpi, S.; Carstro, I.