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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Effects of uv-b irradiation on the spores germination of the antarctic hyphomycete artrobotrys feroxZucconi, L.; Arcangeli, C.; Ripa, C.; Onofri, Silvano ; Cannistraro, S.
2015Electron tunnelling through single azurin molecules can be on/off switched by voltage pulses Chiara Baldacchini, Vivek Kumar, Anna Rita Bizzarri, and Salvatore CannistraroBaldacchini, C.; Kumar, V.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, S.
1997Fluorescence study on whole Antarctic fungal spores under enhanced UV irradiationArcangeli, C.; Zucconi, L.; Onofri, Silvano ; Cannistraro, S.
2019Interaction Force Fluctuations in Antigen−Antibody Biorecognition Studied by Atomic Force SpectroscopyBizzarri, Anna Rita ; Végh, A.; Váró, G.; Cannistraro, S.
2019Interaction of human hemoglobin and semi-hemoglobins with the Staphylococcus aureus hemophore IsdB: a kinetic and mechanistic insightGianquinto, E.; Spyrakis, F.; Bettati, S.; Omar, Campanini; Barbara, Marchetti; Marialaura, Luque; Javier, F.; Moscetti, I.; De Bei, O.; Campanini, B.; Marchetti, M.; Luque, F.; Cannistraro, S.; Ronda, L.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita 
2019Interaction of the anticancer p28 peptide with p53-DBD as studied by fluorescence, FRET, docking and MD simulationsBizzarri, Anna Rita ; Moscetti, I.; Cannistraro, S.
2010Observation of Terahertz Vibrations in the Nitrogenase FeMo Cofactor by Femtosecond PumpProbe SpectroscopyDelfino, Ines ; Cerullo, G.; Cannistraro, S.; Manzoni, C.; Polli, D.; Dapper, C.; Newton, W. E.; Guo, Y.; Cramer, S. P.
2009Optical investigation of the electron transfer protein azurin-gold nanoparticle systemDelfino, Ines ; Cannistraro, S.
2005Optical Spectroscopic Investigations of the Alkaline Transition in Umecyanin from Horseradish RootsDelfino, Ines ; Sato, K.; Harrison, M. D.; Andolfi, L.; Bizzarri, A. R.; Dennison, C.; Cannistraro, S.
2019Probing direct interaction of oncomiR-21-3p with the tumor suppressor p53 by fluorescence, FRET and atomic force spectroscopyMoscetti, I.; Cannistraro, S.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita 
2019Raman Evidence of p53-DBD Disorder Decrease upon Interaction with the Anticancer Protein AzurinSignorelli, S.; Cannistraro, S.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Anna, Rita Bizzarri
2005Single-molecule detection of Yeast Cytochrome c by Surface-Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyDelfino, Ines ; Bizzarri, A. R.; Cannistraro, S.
2006Time-dependent study of Single-Molecule SERS signal from yeast cytochrome cDelfino, Ines ; Bizzarri, A. R.; Cannistraro, S.
2020Toward Cancer Diagnostics of the Tumor Suppressor p53 by Surface Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyBizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, S.
2006Ultrafast Pump-Probe Study of Excited-State Charge-Transfer Dynamics in Umecyanin from Horseradish RootDelfino, Ines ; Manzoni, C.; Sato, K.; Dennison, C.; Cerullo, G.; Cannistraro, S.
2007Yeast cytochrome c integrated with electronic elementsDelfino, Ines ; Bonanni, B.; Andolfi, L.; Baldacchini, C.; Bizzarri, A. R.; Cannistraro, S.
2004Yeast cytochrome c on gold electrodeBonanni, B.; Alliata, D.; Andolfi, L.; Bizzarri, A. R.; Delfino, Ines ; Cannistraro, S.