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4-Jul-2018Biomass gasification plants: study of different configurations and development of catalytic systems for steam reforming of tar and methaneSavuto, Elena
2021Biomass steam gasification, high-temperature gas cleaning, and sofc model: A parametric analysisMarcantonio, Vera; Monarca, Danilo ; Villarini, Mauro ; Di Carlo, Andrea; Del Zotto, Luca; Bocci, Enrico
2021Economic analysis and risk assessment of biomass gasification CHP systems of different sizes through Monte Carlo simulationColantoni, Andrea ; Villarini, Mauro ; Monarca, Danilo ; Carlini, Maurizio ; Mosconi, Enrico Maria ; Bocci, Enrico; Rajabi Hamedani, Sara
2018Parametric analysis of a solar Organic Rankine Cycle trigeneration system for residential applicationsCioccolanti, Luca; Tascioni, Roberto; Bocci, Enrico; Villarini, Mauro