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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Sensitivity analysis of different parameters on the performance of a CHP internal combustion engine system fed by a biomass waste gasifierVillarini, M.; Marcantonio, V.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Bocci, E.
2011Sistemi a biomasseBocci, E.; Caffarelli, A.; Villarini, Mauro 
2014State of Art of small scale biomass gasification power systemsBocci, E.; Di Carlo, A.; Sisinni, M.; Moneti, M.; Vecchione, L.; Villarini, Mauro 
2014STATE OF ART OF SMALL SCALE SOLAR POWERED ORC SYSTEMSVillarini, Mauro ; Bocci, E.; Moneti, M.; Di Carlo, A.; Micangeli, A.
2013STEAM GASIFICATION OF PINE WOOD IN A FLUIDIZED BED REACTORVecchione, L.; Moneti, M.; Bocci, E.; Di Carlo, A.; Villarini, Mauro ; Carlini, M.; Foscolo , P. U.
2013Technical-Economic Analysis of an Innovative Cogenerative Small Scale Biomass Gasification Power PlantBocci, E.; Di Carlo, A.; Vecchione, L.; Villarini, Mauro ; De Falco, M.; Dellera, A.
2013Technical-Economic Analysis of an Innovative Small Scale Solar Thermal - ORC Cogenerative SystemVillarini, Mauro ; Bocci, E.; Di Carlo, A.; Sbordone, D.; Falvo, M.; Martirano, L.
2016Techno-economic Analysis of Hydrogen Production Using Biomass Gasification -A Small Scale Power Plant StudyHamedani , S. R.; Bocci, E.; Villarini, Mauro ; Di Carlo, A.; Naso, V.