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2014Analysis of transcription regulator gene networks in peripartal bovine liver during summer and spring seasonsShahzad, K.; Hakbar, H.; Basiric, L.; Morera, Patrizia ; Bernabucci, U.; Loor Jj
2013Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme inhibitory activity of water-soluble extract of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheesesElisabetta Catalani; Nardone, A.; Basirico, L.; Patrizia Morera; Umberto Bernabucci; Alessandro Nardone; Catalani, E.; Basiric, L.; Morera, Patrizia ; Bernabucci, U.
2015Effects of conjugated linoleic acids isomers on oxidative mammary gland metabolismDipasquale, D.; Basiric, L.; Morera, Patrizia ; Serra, A.; Mele, M.; Troescher, A.; Bernabucci, U.
2015The -hexachlorocyclohexane (-HCH) affects the oxidative status of bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cell in vitroRossi, C.; Basiric, L.; Danieli , P. P.; Ronchi, B.
2015No detection of transgenic DNA (tDNA) in tissues from rabbits fed with genetically modified soy-bean mealMorera, Patrizia ; Bartolini, E.; Basiric, L.; Bernabucci, U.; Ronchi, Bruno 
2013Polymorphisms in HSP70A1A, HSP90AB1 and HSF1 genes associated with heat tolerance in Italian Holstein cowsBasirico, L.; Patrizia Morera; Francesco Tinarelli; Umberto, Bernabucci.; Bernabucci, U.; Basiric, L.; Morera, Patrizia ; Tinarelli, F.
2013Temporal gene expression profiling of liver from peripartal dairy cows during spring and summerBernabucci, U.; Akbar, H.; Basiric, L.; Morera, Patrizia ; Loor Jj