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2020Olea europaea - OliveRugini, E.; Palomo-ríos, E.; Mercado, Ja; Pliego-alfaro, F.; Baldoni, L.; Silvestri, C.; Mariotti, R.; Narváez, I.; Cultrera, N.; Cristofori, Valerio ; Bashir, Ma; Mousavi, S.
2020Osmotin: A cationic protein leads to improve biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in plantsBashir, Ma; Silvestri, Cristian ; Ahmad, T.; Hafiz, Ia; Abbasi, Na; Manzoor, A.; Cristofori, Valerio ; Rugini, E.
2020A review of genetic improvement of main fruit trees through modern biotechnological tools and considerations of the cultivation and research of the engineered plant restrictionsRugini, E.; Bashir, Ma; Cristofori, V. ; Ruggiero, B.; Silvestri, Cristian 
2019Studies on colchicine induced chromosome doubling for enhancement of quality traits in ornamental plantsManzoor, A.; Ahmad, T.; Bashir, Ma; Hafiz, Ia; Silvestri, Cristian